Wherever possible, our designs are developed to be fully inclusive to meet the hugely varied needs of all individuals, regardless of ability or mobility – no one should miss out!

By constantly thinking about inclusivity in everything that we create, our designs can ensure that everyone has access to all of the different play areas in your outdoors. Raised sand pits, water play and garden areas allow able bodied children to climb up into them, whilst wheelchair accessible structures mean that those less mobile can sit in a specifically designed area – thus ensuring all of the children can play together in the same space, with the same toys and gain the same experiences.

Even our challenge play elements are not out of bounds for any child who wants to take part. Specially tailored harnesses mean that children with mobility difficulties can still enjoy a zip wire experience, swings and so much more. Ensuring that all children can share the same experiences helps them to enjoy their outdoor play so much more, that’s why inclusivity is a key part of the e.den way of thinking.