We know that children are instinctively drawn to anything that’s likely to get messy – especially mud! That’s why, like the children who go on to play in them, we take much delight from building a mud kitchen into our designs. Our mud kitchens are designed to be modular – ensuring that not matter what size your outdoors, if mud is what you’re after, then we can accommodate it!  All mud kitchens are designed with built-in storage for all the play equipment, and also include a “hob” and “oven” area, apron hooks, work surface areas to mould on, and a blackboard to list all the potions and creations that have been made!  We also supply all our mud kitchens with low level log seating and table as we find this helps to promote extended cooperation and communication skills.  We also provide a raised planter to act as a handy source of earth nearby. The designs are sympathetic to those who will be clearing up after playtime, to ensure that children can enjoy themselves, without creating an area that becomes a no-go zone for days afterwards!