Eden is proud to have been selected as the chosen designer to work with a selection of Ofsted graded ‘Outstanding’ establishments, and we would be delighted to be a partner in your journey to achieving greater opportunities for your children.

The acclaim of the e.den concept is derived from the positive impact both Schools and Early Years settings have reported on the improved outcomes of their children, particularly in physical development, communication language & literacy and Personal Social and Emotional development. e.den learning environments offer a powerful ‘third teacher’ as they are a continual presence and ‘voice’ to both practitioner and child.

The inspired e.den indoor environment contains a considered, carefully planned flow of sustained provision, it guides and encourages children to extend their thoughts. The e.den outdoor environment challenges children, yet importantly also offers a space where they may choose to just ‘be’, enjoying the best your natural space can offer. Risk taking and the need for children to aspire, dare, test and accomplish will all be present in your new e.den play environment.

To take your first steps towards your new Eden environment please contact us using the web form.  Or you can call us on 01704 566949 or email us on info@edenplay.co.uk. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Eden’s design team, specialists in outdoor and indoor play, are available to work closely with you to develop an inspiring, engaging and enabling educational environment. Through our goal of harnessing the environment in a unique and creatively stimulating way, our designs bring experiences of nature to children in what can often be sterile, asphalt playgrounds.

In working with your own e.den designer you’ll discover a partner who will mirror your knowledge and passion. You will receive the benefit of their experience, skills and expertise as they listen attentively, helping you to expand, develop and shape your ideas from concept to fruition. We will produce detailed 3D visual plans illustrating how best to use the space available to you. Whether it is a large country setting or the smallest roof top urban space, your e.den designer will talk you through how your outdoors could be developed – as a single project, or by implementing the project in a number of phases, as finance allows.

So whether you’re planning a completely new outdoors, a refurbishment to your existing site or just adding something special to your indoor or outdoor play area, e.den can provide you with a solution that caters to all your needs and which stands the test of time for years to come. Inspiring, enabling and engaging your children every single day.